About me

I’m a graduate of the Art High School in Szczecin (Poland) – I have always been attracted to art and expressing myself through creativity. I especially love the sculpture and the healing contact with clay.

However, I gave up art for a while, to study literature. I’m also strongly inspired by this area of ​​human activity – I love exploring myths, fairy tales, legends; I am fascinated with archetypes also in other texts of culture. I’m looking for something universal in it, I’m looking for simple stories about the essence of human being and the meaning of his journey.

However, I missed clay and in 2010 I set up a ceramics studio. After many years of searching for my creative path, I decided to focus only on sculpture. I discovered that through sculpture I can fully express myself. This kind of art gives me the tools to learn about myself and the world and to tell others about it. It also gives me personal fulfillment and a lot of joy.

In my artistic work I’m looking for the indigenous element that binds social structures together, I’m inspired by primal cultures, tribalism, indigenousness, rituals of ancients people, shamanism. My sculptures are made in the dance of the elements, I’m firing clay in a living fire, in a spectacular process called “Raku”. It is a process that has become for me a mysterium, a feast for the spirit and senses. Here I let go of control, I give the space to the magic displays of air, fire and water. The way I’m sculpting in clay (i.e. the earth) is only part of this common alchemical creation. I’m the fifth element.

My sculptures are an area devoted mainly to women in a kind of tribute to them. Female emotionality, her strength, power, essence, the spirit of female ancestors permeating her are the qualities that I bestow on the protagonists of my sculptures, helping myself and other women to regain their voice in the patriarchal world.

Recently, in 2022, I created the “Lady Sapiens” collection. Looking at the earliest sculptural artifacts depicting the image of a woman, I entered the path of the Primordial Goddess. This fascinating and transforming cognitive and creative path resulted in a series of figurines inspired by the archaeological discoveries of Old Europe. The collection includes: Venus of Wilendorf, Venus of the Cucuteni culture, Venus of Lespugue, and a figurine about we don’t know much, except that it dates back to the 5th century BC. and it was made of silver and gold. My version of this figurine, which I called “Ora”, is decorated with 24 carat gold.

I’ve been running a shop on Etsy since 2019, and about 250 of my sculptures are in private collections around the world, in the farthest places. Now, by creating this new artistic space, I want to facilitate contact with Polish art lovers.

My works are often made to order. If you like what I do and who I am, if you want a sculpture from me, please let me know! Thank you.